We are a wine bar in the middle of town.  Our tastes in wine may be slightly weird, but we think there are others out there like us.  Come and join us, it's a small but friendly place



Monday-Wednesday from midday until midnight

Thursday-Friday from midday until 1am

Saturday from 3pm until late

Sunday from 1pm until 10pm


Kitchen open all day (so is the bar)


Good Friday - midday - midnight

Easter Saturday - 3pm - late

Easter Sunday - closed

Easter Monday - closed and hungover

ANZAC day - 4pm - late


We're a casual place and don't take bookings in the evenings.

If you'd like to contact us to make a lunch booking please go to the "lunch reservations" page

Email: ask@embla.com.au
Tel: 9654 5923
Address: 122 Russell St, Melbourne 3000


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